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Hi Ross

I have not been on your site for a while but the pictures that you've taken since then are very impressive mate. Keep up the good work.
Damon Ford
Damon Ford

Exiled Scot

A friend gave me a copy of The Scots Magazine (Dec 07) and I was very impressed with your work. I particularly enjoyed your images of the Scottish coast.
Iain Davidson


Hi Ross

I picked up a copy AP when it tested the Nikon D3 (15 Dec 2007). The mag sat in our toilet for a good 6 months as I would read the D3 review over and over and then end up on your pics. every time. I never got tired looking at them.

I eventually got a D3 and bought a 24-70 from Mark Cargill a few days ago. Still to get to grips with both.

I picked up today (as I do most weeks ) a copy of AP and there you are again.

I have to say I really enjoy your work. To me it is fresh and tells the the story of the scene as it really was .

Anyway, keep up the good work. You are on the same track as many of the greats in this business.

Ian C Evans
Ian C Evans

Wonderful site

Loving all your images. Simply stunning. I've added a link to my blog hope you don't mind.




Quite stunning. Simply some of the best images I have seen in a long time.
Damon Ford

Amateur Photographer article

Incredibly impressive images. My favourite,I think,is Road to Glencoe.

Best wishes
Brigid Edwards
Brigid Edwards

Amateur Photographer Magazine

Hello from Bill,
I read your piece in AP. Your photographs look superb. 'St Mary's Island, Whitley Bay' is as good, as any medium format photograph. I would swear it was taken on Velvia.
As for Joe Cornish, he's a legend. I met him in his gallery where he signed a print and his book for me. I can see you have studied his technique. The more I look at 'St Mary's' I swear Joe Cornish had produced it.
'North Berwick' is a great photograph. I love the way the foreground occupies about 90 percent of the scene. I love 'Lochcarron' photograph. WOW! 1/30thsec handheld!! you're a brave man.
Bill Covington


I happened upon your website quite by accident and was dazzled by your photos.